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Most importantly, begin in prayer. It is not easy to commit oneself or one's church to a new relationship with a suffering people. If you feel like you are ready to act, here are Some ways to take the first step:

  • Contact HCEF to discuss partnering your church with a church in the Holy Land Approach the leadership in your church.
  • Organize a meeting with the church leadership and key groups within the church to discuss the feasibility and details of the partnership relationship.
  • Arrange for someone from HCEF or our speakers' bureau to meet with the church pastor, support staff, or church members to discuss partnership.
Form a Coordinating Committee:

Individuals can come together to form a local partnership committee. Leadership can also come through a group already formed, such as Christian Services, Men's and Women's groups, etc.

Selecting the Church Partner:

Within the church community there may be persons who have visited sites in the Holy Land or have been visited by someone from the Holy Land. A person or a group may have been moved by their experience and want to see a relationship grow. HCEF can recommend a partner church that takes into consideration the size of both the US church and the Holy Land church, church groups that they two have in common, and other factors.

Establish a Plan of Action:

A Plan of Action defining the relationship be drawn up. The plan of action should include a time frame, extent of financial and material support, and involvement and roles of persons. HCEF looks forward to providing you with support sensitive to the needs of your community of faithful and will guide you through the establishment and growth of the partnership relationship.